How To Identify Toilet Leaks In 4 Easy Steps?

Getting tensed as your toilet is leaking? If yes, then you must be aware with the fact that the toilet tank can be leaked from lots of places. If your installed toilet is running frequently then it means there is an unwanted leak between the toilet tank & the bowl.

If you are facing the same issues & don’t know how to inspect for the leaks then don’t worry we’ll let you know how to inspect it in 4 easy steps:

Easy Steps To Inspect Toilet Leaks

Step 1 – first you need to eliminate the tank lid

To start the process you need to eliminate the toilet tank lid. This lid is presented on the top of the toilet and can be removed easily. For that, you need to put your hands on both sides of the tank lid and lift it upside to remove.

Step 2 – Check the water level

After removing the tank lid you need to inspect the tank water level. Every toilet tank optimal water level indicator, placed inside the tank. Locate the water level line and ensure it has a minimum water level. In case, water in the tank is below or above the line make required changes & adjustments by using tank fill valve.

Step 3 – Perform food colouring test

To perform the food colouring test, you will need food colouring bottles. Use any colour bottle and put a minimum of 15-20 colour drops into the toilet tank. Now, wait for 30 minutes until the colour drops change the water colour.

Step 4 – Inspect water bowl for colour

After waiting for 30 minutes, you need to inspect the water bowl to check the colour. If any dye colours have been transferred into toilet bowl, then there is possibility of leak or crack in your toilet tank which needs to resolve on time.

Wanted To Fix Toilet Tanks On Your Own? Follow These Steps!

Fixing toilet leaks can be easy if the leaks are minor. In the case of major issues, it is beneficial to get connected with the best plumbers services.

Step 1 – Inspect the toilet flapper – A faulty or broken flapper can be the sole reason for a small leak in the toilet tank. To ensure the working condition of flapper make sure that it’s creating appropriate seal to avoid unwanted leaks.

Step 2 – Tighten up the toilet tee bolts – Leaks can become from the base as well. If the base is leaking then you need to tighten up the base tee bolts. To perform this you need to eliminate the toilet plastic covers covering bolts on both sides with the help of a wrench. This will compress the leak and tighten up the seal.

Step 3 – Change the toilet wax ring – If tightening toilet bolts doesn’t rectify the base leak, the wax ring may be damaged & need to be replaced. This changing process is more complex which need to be performed only by experts as it includes complete uninstallation of the toilet tank systems. We suggest you to connect with the plumbing experts – trusted captain for the much-needed assistance.

Let Expert Plumbers Resolve Your Toilets Leaking!

If you performed every possible step and still notice toilet leaks then you need to connect with the trusted captain for affordable plumbing services. Our plumbers make sure that you get the quick solutions which prevent damage to your places as well. To get the instant quote for the leaking services dial our toll-free number anytime.

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